Participants will be challenged to find commonalities and differences across a variety of political views, professional ethics, intersectionalities, racial, ethnic and social-economic positions. 

"No one is born fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are."

Paulo Freire

​Liberation Psychology Immersion Exchange Program

​​Through dialogue, community interaction, workshops and attending relevant events  participants will explore the relationship between mainstream psychology and Global South's dynamics while critically considering Salvadoran Historical Memory. 

During this week long experience, we will visit historical sites, memorials, and communities to dialogue with locals, psychologists, social workers, activists, and students.

To strengthen transnational and interdisciplinary networks of professionals, activists, ​and communities who are working towards social transformation. 

Mental Health Professionals, Psychologists, immigration lawyers, community organizers, ACTIVISTS and Students are invited to ATTEND 


We will pay close attention to the roles of psychology and related fields in local, global and multicultural contexts. 

Offer participants the opportunity to immerse in the ideas of Liberation Psychology in the beautiful country in which it originated.